Finding Jane is almost here!

After years of writing, and life’s interruptions, FINDING JANE is almost her.

The book is a labor of love–a dream in the making, and I am so excited to share it with you. As I finalized the edits, work on the layout, and create a cover, I hope to create something beautiful to put into the world.

As many of you know I used to be a garden designer before I started my interior design consulting career. Before that I was in the fashion industry. Yes, I always wanted to be a fashion designer! But I never made it past the corporate side. That never discouraged my passion for fashion. This book was my soup pot, where I got to combine all the things I love– fashion, furniture, and flowers, and turn it into a beautiful, bountiful, hearty stew for the soul. As one reader described my book, “I felt like I was there, touching the details of the dresses, or smelling the sweet scents of the garden.”

I had hoped for that…to experience the story; to mentally escape into the lives of Jane, Henry, Lillian, Maggie, and Dr. Cummings. So many stories feel very much like television–a screen you are watching. Books should make you fall into them, share the journey of the characters. Live and breathe the experiences as if you are standing in the middle of it. My hope is that Finding Jane will be that kind of story for you.

Finding Jane is an upmarket fiction with time slip elements. It is Pride and Prejudice meets The Time Traveler’s Wife. A romantic story about honor, intrigue, and scandal. But mostly, it is a classic tale of two lovers finding their way to each other…like Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

I am a romantic at heart. So much so, my sister makes fun of me. “Lizzy,” she’d say. “That kind of love doesn’t happen in the real world.” She’s right. Most of the time it doesn’t. But isn’t that what books are for, to dream? Escape? Hope for something more? Who doesn’t love a romantic story? But…

Love isn’t always found where, or when, you want it.

Thank you for checking out my page. Don’t forget to sign up for the bookcover reveal, author events, and the soon-to-be launch dates. I can’t wait to share more with you.



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