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JiJi Girl Martini Recipe

Many of you know me as a writer. But did you know I am an aspiring mixologist? One of my many hidden talents. In honor of my debut novel, Finding Jane, I created a delicious martini. It is called, JiJi Girl. (Recipe below.) It’s pretty, it’s pink, and it’s yummy!

Having book club? Read FINDING JANE.

Having girls over? Discuss FINDING JANE.

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There is never a bad time to enjoy a romantic book or a good cocktail!

FINDING JANE: Pride and Prejudice meets The Time Traveler’s Wife. Jane slips through time only to land in 19th century England, into the life of a handsome landowner and his family, becoming an interloper in lives she doesn’t belong and discovering a love that is not hers to have. 

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Let me know how you like the cocktail in the comments below. Post your martini to your social media and tag me. I would love to see all those pink martinis! 

Cheers to your adventure through time with Jane!

JiJi Girl Martini

3 ounces Vodka*

11/2 ounces Triple Sec

11/2 ounces Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

1/2-1 tsp Sugar (I don’t like my drinks too sweet. So balance sweetness preference with this ingredient. I have tried this with simple syrup and agave, but prefer the taste of white sugar.)

1 tbsp Hibiscus Flower Syrup (Available on Amazon:

Shake over ice…extra long. It should have ice floating at top. Rim glasses with pink sugar. Poor into a chilled martini glass.

*I make strong, strong martinis. I always tell people, never drink more than two martinis.. So, with that in mind, you can always reduce Vodka to make this a more balanced drink.

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