May I introduce myself: Elizabeth Conte, women’s fiction writer. Creating beauty for the mind!

My goal is to bring what I love about 19th century literature–deep characters, true romance, beautiful imagery, meaningful dialogue, and rich stories that linger in the heart–and bring it to the 21st century reader.

Books are varied. There are mysteries and memories, fiction and nonfiction, space odysseys and cowboy adventures. There are zombies, vampires and werewolves, love and sex, death and rebirth. The stories are endless and the writers that write them are equally as unique. There is a book for almost anyone’s taste, wants or wishes. That is the beauty of writing.

I recently came back from a writer’s conference. A room full of over three hundred writers, and not one had the same idea! How do you stand out? How does one find me with my stories and my unique style?

I am a women’s fiction writer. I write stories mainly about women and the unique role they play in the world that they live in. My stories are a homage to the strength and capabilities that women have to touch people’s lives. I want to show empowerment in the face of all one might encounter, and the betterment of the experiences that make one’s life valuable. I want to honor the souls beneath each character, and show the development and growth that is possible in the journey of making them human, and uniquely female.

When I started to write…truly write, I wanted to make sure that I was creating beauty. The world is filled with junk. Needless, useless crap that distracts our minds. We waste so much of our lives with mindless connection to things that don’t better our lives, fulfill our souls, or that leave us with hope. We are distracted with just stuff. And much of that stuff is dark, gritty, brutal, superfluous, base, exploitative and shocking. Do people like that? Sure…otherwise it wouldn’t be out there. But there is more out there and I want to do my part in creating that. I want escapism for a reader to enjoy and indulge in the worlds I create. But along with that, I want them to think profoundly, care deeply, get invested, and come out with a sense of belonging and attachment. I want them to have a beautiful experience.

I am not for everyone. No writer should be. There are going to be the sci-fi junkies, non-fiction writers, vampire lovers, erotica seekers, etc…not wanting to read my work. And that is okay! But I have something more than just a great story, pretty prose, or hot topic of the day. I have a vision and a purpose of why I write behind the gift of writing: I am creating beauty for the mind. 

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