Finding Jane

Jane is like any twenty nine year old woman. Or so she thought even after her heart was broken and dreams shattered. Life seemed confused and unrecognizable. She needed her life to make sense again. She needed, “Time to heal.”

A business trip from the crowded streets of Los Angeles to the countryside of England offers her the time to renew her soul. But a night on the town only discourages her that life and love may just be illusions. Taking refuge in a bookstore Jane meets a psychic who tells her that she is not as usual as she thinks. She learns that she has special energy due to being born under a Black Moon. A magnetic energy! This energy will take her on a journey. A trip far away….but known.

It is only when she unwittingly steps into a strange vibrational pull and is found naked in a field, back in the 19th century, does she realize what those words mean.

She is not as normal as she thought.

Caught in the past and thrust upon a new reality, Jane will meet people who give her experiences that will breathe life back into her soul, and show her what life is really about. But it will be one man, Henry Eaton, who will show her what true love looks like…in the face of honor, commitment, and even scandal.

When Jane finds herself no longer an observer, waiting to go home, but an interloper in the lives of the people she has met, she must choose. Choose to stay and have the life she has always wanted, or leave to protect the ones she has grown to love.

Jane is lost emotionally and physically, but  she must learn what love is, how to give it, and more importantly, how to receive it if she is to find all that she is seeking.


Chosen Mistress

Charlotte and Lydia Ashford were two cousins who grew up as close as sisters, sharing all of life’s adventures for young girls in English society. They made girlish promises to always be there for one another. So, when Lydia asks Charlotte to help save her unraveling marriage, Charlotte willingly agrees to do anything for her cousin. She just never imagined it was to become her husband’s mistress.

When Lydia’s husband, Nathanial, rejects her, Charlotte finds herself plunging into a world of seduction and secrets with the help of Andrew Knightly, a man who has his pulse on all that is hidden and unseen. He helps navigate Charlotte’s choices, but he cannot save her from destroying the one thing that she has always wanted. Charlotte had always dreamed of sharing her life with Lydia, but she never imagined she would share the love of a man, or destroy what she holds the most sacred: the love of family.


Life Of Her

Abby Ken was invisible. Not ghost invisible. Or superpower invisible. Insignificant invisible. The kind that makes you feel…Empty. Lonely. Forgotten…to her husband, her kids, her life. Her life. Her.

No, it wasn’t the life Abby chose, but the life she fell into. It was her best friend Jossi’s life, right down to the man she shared her bed with. She just didn’t recognize it until she walked out the door and ran away from the only life she knew.

Abby’s conscience screamed when she packed her bags and walked out the door. But breast cancer sometimes makes you do things you never imagined. Like surviving and making you look at what’s ahead of you. Abby had no clue. She only knew that she was insignificant in the life she left on the operating table – invisible to the world around her. Feeling disregarded and no longer recognizable to herself, Abby was on the precipice of life.

She jumped off.…landing in Scotland.

Abby always wanted to see the land of her grandmother. It tugged at her heart since she was a little girl, as well as the magical stories she was told of renewal and rebirth. Traveling thousands of miles, touring castles and gardens, staying in a quaint remote town…all seemed ideal to get away from everyone and everything that had defined her.

Jumping off a cliff can be terrifying, and Abby learned that landing didn’t come without collateral damage. Lucky for her, a group of friends took her in as one of their own, helping Abby mend her emotional wounds until she could stand up on her own two feet. But it wasn’t luck that brought her Thom…the man who saw her. No, that was fate.

But fate always has demons to face. And when her husband, Marcus shows up at her door, Abby can no longer run away from her life. The life, she was discovering with Thom, that was always there, with Marcus. She just wasn’t living it.

She promised her heart to Marcus, “Til death do us part.”  She gave her heart to Thom, “Til the end of time.” Ultimately, she will have to choose what her life is to become…and who she will share it with.