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Release Date: March 2022

Pride and Prejudice meets the Time Traveler’s Wife, this historical, time slip story sends Jane Reynolds, a young museum exhibit creator, through time only to land in 19th Century England and into the life of a handsome landowner, Henry Eaton. There, she becomes an interloper in the lives of the people she ventures to meet, and an intruder in a man’s fate.

But nothing good can come from disrupting a time and place you don’t belong–no one can change destiny, no matter how much you love someone.

As the characters weave their lives together through friendships, flirtation, and intrigue, the two lovers tempt fate in their search to be together. This timeless tale of love, honor, and even a scandal will test the course of destiny, and bask in the bonds of love.


Jane was just like any twenty-nine-year-old woman, or so she thought.

A business trip from the crowded streets of Los Angeles to the countryside of England was supposed to be a reprieve for Jane Reynolds. She needed a break from…well, from everything: crowded commutes, endless days of work, and mostly, being alone. All Jane wanted was to stop crying from a broken heart and move on. But her first night out in the bustling streets of London, and encounter with a young man who looks eerily similar to her ex-fiancé, only reinforces that life and love are just illusions, no matter how far she travels.

Taking a late-night refuge in a bookstore, Jane has a chance meeting with a psychic who tells her she was born with a magnetic energy–a special link to the black moon that will send her on a faraway journey. It is only the next day, when she unwittingly steps into a strange vibrational pull and is found naked in a field, back in the 19th century, does the psychic’s words find meaning.

Jane is not as normal as she thought.

Caught in the past, Jane is thrust upon a new reality, finding herself immersed in the daily lives of the Eaton Estate. She meets people who give her experiences that breathe life back into her soul and show her what a life worth living is really about. But it is one man, Henry Eaton, who will show her what true love looks like…in the face of honor, commitment, and even scandal.

When Jane finds herself no longer an observer, but an interloper in the lives of the people she meets, she must choose whether to stay and have the life she has always wanted or leave to protect the ones she has grown to love.

Jane must fall into the past to find love in the future.


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