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Rita Mae, A Short Story

Published 1/4/2022

Sad Girls Club Lit: https://www.sadgirlsclublit.com/post/i-was-used-to-men-leaving-rita-mae

The Truths that Can’t be Told, Anthology 

Released Spring 2021

Secrets abound. Everyone has them. They live in all we do–truth hidden from those we try to deceive, to those we love the most. The Truth that Can’t be Told, is a collection of stories and poems covering a range of genres and styles which encompass humor, romance, Sci fi, and mystery, allowing expression in narrative or poetic form. Written by an eclectic group of writers, The Truth that Can’t be Told brings together perspectives and creativity with one common theme–truth! Each work is as diverse as the writers, but all are varying tales of our oneness living the human condition: losses our hearts mourn, memories for which our souls yearn, the hurt we cause, the pain we endure, the evil of which we are capable, the dreams we imagine, and the deeds we fail to do. These works encompass what defines us, nourishing our humanity, exposing the worst and inspiring the best in us, by unraveling what is most hidden–the truths that can’t be told.

Contributing Authors: Marilyn Carvin, Elizabeth Conte, Barb DeLong, Casey Dorman, Lorraine Gow, Lana Gray, Diana Huang, Billie Kelpin, Andrea Lewis, C.W. Spooner

Poem, Lonely For You

June 19, 2021

The Pangolin Review, https://thepangolinreview.wixsite.com/mypoetrysite/issue-19-june-22-2021

Poem, Dreaming

Published, April 18, 2021

The Pangolin Review: https://thepangolinreview.wixsite.com/mypoetrysite/issue-18-part-2-d-to-j

Poems: Teacher, Mortality, Whispers of A Soul

Published, March 14, 2021

Plato’s Cave: https://platoscavesonline.wordpress.com/2021/03/14/

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